Friday, November 25, 2011

Happy Spanksgiving from Hubba Hub!

Boston’s Burlesque Beat gives thanks (and spanks!) this holiday season! Here are just a few of the things for which we’re thankful:

  • First and foremost…the adoration of our loving audience and patrons (you!) who hoot, holler, and give us a reason to strut our stuff!
  • Hubba Hub burlesque producers, and those we haven’t met yet, who seek to collaborate rather than compete.  A community that treats its own well makes for better shows, better neighbors, and happier venues!
  • The community of local burlesque performers, whether amateur, seasoned, or downright spicy, who give their ALL on stage and keep us on top of our game!
  • The nerdy know-how of our technical crew who put the finishing touches on our magic.  They keep us looking even better than we already do!
  • Our volunteers and the countless hours they spend helping with promotion, stage kittening, costuming, photography, video editing, and more. Volunteers, you are the unsung heroes of the performance world!
  • Our lovers, family, friends and roommates, who encourage our creative lives and deal with glitter in…unexpected…places!
  • Pop culture, tradition, and stereotypes for giving us something to satirize and “burlesque.”
  • Local performance venues and Boston’s larger arts community, who throw caution to the wind and let us try new things and perform in new places.
  • The “alternative” and mainstream media, who make us work hard to come up with that next great idea that’ll break through the noise!

For all this and so much more, we are grateful!

To show our gratitude, and also because it’s ridiculously fun, we are going to start a weekly blog! Not only will the Hubba Hub house a central calendar of Boston’s best burlesque happenings, we will also offer articles, advice, how-to videos, and behind-the-scenes looks at what happens before we ever get on stage.

Learning how to make pasties? Trying to break into the business? Wondering about weird burlesque injuries? These are just a few of the topics we will be tackling in the future.

So bookmark our website, friend us on Facebook, and send us your questions! 
Most of all, keep coming to shows and let us know you saw us on the Hubba Hub!

The Hubba Hub

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