Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Last Bent Wit Ever!


Black Cat Burlesque's MARY WIDOW


It is the end of an era, Boston. Bent Wit Cabaret, the much-beloved variety show spectacular, is saying goodbye after 2 years at OBERON, with their highly-anticipated CULT show! The outrageous cast featuring Boston’s favorite artists puts on their show shoes and drinks the Kool-Aid. Come join us and help us go out with a bang! (Or at least with white Reeboks and bedsheets.)

Hosted by the outrageous UnAmerika’s Sweetheart Karin Webb and the legendary 86-years-young Mary Dolan, the show is lovingly crafted by a brilliant corps of collaborating performers and musicians, including The Slutcracker mastermind Sugar Dish, bizarro burlesque artist Femme Brulée, that siren of the gutter herself, Lainey SchoolTree, and gorgeous music from the eclectic Elephant Tango Ensemble.

Bent Wit Cabaret: CULT will feature, as always, incredible guest performers, including Black Cat Burlesque co-creator Mary Widow’s famous David Bowie piece, soul-saving music from The Famous WIREFOREST Cult Leader Walter Sickert, a special performance art piece from Axe To Ice’s Artistic Director Karin Webb, and video shorts provided by the madmen at the Boston Underground Film Festival.

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