Friday, January 27, 2012

Burlesque as Metaphor: Liz Fang Shares Her Opinions

by Liz Fang, the brilliant, soused, and often offensive emcee of Rogue Burlesque

Liz Fang having an epiphany.
Photo by Lee Kilpatrick
“We’re all just tassels spinning chaotically on the tit of life.”
- Me

We are all, essentially, dancers in this life. Some of us are square dancers, always following the line of people and never straying from the beat. For if we did, it would fuck everyone else up and we’d be cast aside, back to the dingy bar where we came from. (For me, I love a good stiff one at the bar [and a drink or two].) Some of us are strippers, dancing for others’ pleasure while they wank their willies in a hot, musty basement.  And some of us are ballroom dancers, graceful, yet always needing a partner to carry us to the end.

Finally, some of us are burlesque dancers. Full of the grace of Jean Harlow and the brashness of Liz Taylor on a hot tin roof. Confident and bold, hilarious and mysterious, we encapsulate all aspects of life from the absurdity to the darkness -- and, of course, the sexuality that binds us together as humans.

Burlesque has always been about confident, sensual women (and men, those angels!) showing off their talents while connecting through sex. Sex sells, and it sells well. However, it doesn’t sell as much as the comedy or the elegance in a routine. No one walks away from the burlesque show talking about the “reveals.” They walk out exclaiming “That part with the alien and the Micky Mouse statue was so fucking funny!” or “The routine she did was so beautiful, with the music and her gown glowing in the lights -- she was gorgeous!

Rarely does one say, “Yeah man, those tits at the end. They were sure spinning.” If you do, or know someone who does, defriend them because they’re a fucking nob. The reveal, much like sex, is quick and exciting, but once it’s done you forget it. However, you do remember the way he kissed your neck or the way she ran her hands through your hair...You remember that time when, just before you bedded down with someone, they said something absolutely hilarious that made you fall even more in love with them. Sure, your boner was gone, but you’ll have a ton of those. It’s what they said that stuck.

To be a burlesque dancer in your life is to be the confident, sexy person you are just before you’re about to get it on. That moment of euphoria where you don’t doubt or fear yourself for one moment. You know that what you are about to embark on is magical, full of pleasure, and you know how to rock that shit. So go!  Be a Burlesque dancer in life! Go fearless into the world! Be assured that you will succeed and make life beg at your feet, desiring your touch and your gentle caress! Then, when it can’t wait anymore, and it’s about to burst with passion  -- show it your big “reveal.”