Friday, February 17, 2012

Crushin’ on the Boston Burlesque Scene

A tingly feeling I got after performing for Mary Widow’s Dirty 30 in June 2011
By Sugar Dish, Babes in Boinkland

Birthday Girl Mary Widow
Photo by Albie Colantonio
After the show tonight I got in a cab and promptly noticed that I was without my phone.

I didn't care.

I got home and spent close to an hour trying to tweeze a shard of glass out of my foot.

I didn't care.

I had glass in my foot because at the sound of the opening notes of "Purple Rain" I was completely transcended. I danced my ass off. Barefoot. I was asked, "Are you on acid?" No. I was the moment. For those of you who were there, wondering about my display, that was ME. I wasn't performing. I was just IN it.

Tonight was special, and a number of us asked why tonight was so different from other nights.

I'll tell you.

Insane dirty cake made by DSI Incorporated crew
In this show we were performing for one of our own. No offense, audience, but it makes an immense difference. I was moved to tears because of the level of fucked-up creative genius that happened on stage. I was amazed at the crew's seriously hardcore dedication to building the most ridiculous set pieces.

We danced and caroused and laughed and danced and entertained the FUCK out of this night.

This is my life. This is our life. We work our asses off or this life. And it's worth every fucking moment.

At the very close of the night I was able to drop all game face, all pretense, and just dance the way I felt...and in my civvies!...because I was so completely at home there at the circus. I know I've quoted her before, and I'll do it again, because her words speak to me so clearly. Ani Difranco, PREACH!:

Mary Widow receiving her birthday flogging!
Photo by Albie Colantonio
life in the circus ain't easy
but the folks on the outside don't know
the tent goes up and the tent comes down
and all that they see is the show
and the ladies on the horses look so pretty
and the lions are lookin real mad
and some of the clowns are happy
and some of the clowns are sad

but underneath
there's another expression
that the makeup isn't making
life under the big top
it's about freedom
it's about faking
there's an art to the laughter
there's a science

You need a lot of LOVE and COMPLIANCE.

Thank you all.

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