Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sunday! Odyssey of IMMODESTY!

All their bags are packed, they're ready to go.

Rogue Burlesque is putting on a show.

They'd hate to wake you up to say--

WAKE UP! Check out Rogue's newest adventure: Odyssey of IMMODESTY

These lovely ladies plan to take you on a journey across the globe (and maybe beyond?) all from the comfort of your cabaret table at Oberon. Can you say "table service"?

The show promises
"Quiz show blood-lust!"
"Yes-we-can-can girls!"
"Hot BOYlesque surprises 
from the men of Sirlesque!"

Want in on this gorgeous madness?

The Rogues will board the stagecraft
Sunday, April 29 at 8PM (doors @7:30)
(Red Line to Harvard Square)

18+. $15 standing. $20 seated.

 Get your tickets in advance* HERE.

Good luck with that.

Don't delay your trip any longer. Get your tickets while they last. You deserve it.
Here's to the semi-naked stay-cation of your dreams! Bon voyage! XO!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DREAM WEIRD / FIND ART HERE: World Domination through Art? We're Trying!

by UnAmerika's Sweetheart Karin Webb and Rich Burns
You may have seen Find Art Here and Dream Weird floating around Facebook these days, and for good reason. Two Hubba-Hubbers, Karin Webb (All the Kings Men and Axe to Ice Productions) and Rich Burns (as seen in The Slutcracker and Boston Tease Party presents Beaver), are creating a new chapter in the book that is the Boston arts scene. They plan on taking Boston flavor burlesque, music, art, dance, theater, (and beyond) to the International stage. Find Art Here and Dream Weird are two parts of the same company. Here's how it works:
Dream Weird is the name of our theater company.  This company consists of performers who travel to different cities (National and International) to collaborate with artists from those cities.  They collaborate and perform with a "Host" performer during their mission out of town.  And, beyond just creating art, these performers also document their trip, attend art events and blog about what they see, they also interview artists in the community they are working with, and network with as many artists as they can during their stay.  When the Dream Weird performers come back home to Boston, they create a performance for the Boston audience in reaction to their travels.
Find Art Here is the internet location where all the information collected by Dream Weird artists will be shared.  It is the virtual "Lonely Planet" for Artists which will endeavor to aid artists and art lovers in connecting with each other all over the world.  On this site you'll find ongoing blogs about art we've seen and the artists we've met, as well as documentation from each city we tackle.  You'll also find, city by city, a listing of all the artists we think you should know about based on who we meet and who they think the world should know about. The goal is to make Boston live up to it's moniker of being “Hub of the Universe”.
First stop on our whirlwind art-venture?

We're really excited about spending some time this summer in Berlin and a couple of other cities in Europe! We are fortunate enough to have connections out there and are working on securing the artists we'll collaborate with as you read this!

If this idea floats your boat, we'd love to hear about it.  If you are an artist or someone who'd like us to come to your city, or just plain want to get involved in other ways with this project, please contact us through our website.
And then there's always financial support. In order to create art, travel far and wide, and produce a full show for our home team when the time comes, we need to raise a pretty big chunk of change before the end of May. We have started an IndieGoGo campaign to aid us in these endeavors:

Please donate if you can, we appreciate all the help we can get.  From $5 to $5000 we have great incentives and we encourage donating at whatever level you can!

Aside from monies, please spread the word!  If you find our idea compelling, please tell people about it.  And THANK YOU. We hope to cross your path again on our journey around the world and back again.

Vive la Liberté dans l'Art,
Karin and Rich
Twitter: @FindArtHere
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Hubba Hub Welcomes "Wicked Pole Dance and Burlesque"

Do you ever find yourself bumping and grinding and flipping your hair on the subway? Have an irrational love for firehouses? Baby, you've got a fever, and the only prescription is MORE POLE.

You want to learn to pole dance? Allow us to introduce you to a budding new member in the Hubba Hub:

Wicked Pole Dance and Burlesque is a fusion of aerial arts, attitude, and sexy striptease. The company's main focus is to provide venues and performance opportunities to local entertainers who want to practice or show off their skills, be they hoop, aerial, pole, comedy, drag, belly dance, erotic performance art, or classic burlesque. All members of all local troupes are invited to be a part of Wicked's performances representing themselves or as representatives of their own companies. More on that later...

Philip Deal, artistic director at Wicked, is also actively building a class schedule geared toward those who wish to learn exotic, burlesque, and circus arts--and oh yes, this includes the mighty pole. You may recognize Philip and his pole dancing expertise from Boston's holiday smash hit The Slutcracker.

Philip will be starting his "Level One Pole" classes this Tuesday, April 10. The six-week session is designed to not only teach you gorgeous and sexy moves on the pole, but is also a sexy and super fun way to gain strength and improve overall fitness. You can pre-register for this six week session at Wicked's website. There are only a few spots left in this workshop, so act fast!

6 Tuesdays, starting April 10, 2012.
7:00-8:30pm in Central Square Cambridge

Please contact or call 617.899.9237 for further details.

From Wicked's website

Level One Pole:
"In this level you will have a full introduction to how to prepare your body for pole with a floor warm up and strength building exercises on the pole, learn all of the basic spins, how to climb, and learn simple choreography to weave what you learn together on “static” pole." 

Philip has also set up a regular performance showcase at the Dark Lady in Providence, RI. Read on if you're a seasoned performer or even an aspiring star! This could be a perfect outlet for you! 

Philip writes:
"The Dark Lady in Providence RI has graciously provided their club every third Thursday of the month to host our monthly event. If you have an interest in being part of one of our events please email Once again this venue is a great place to start if you are new to burlesque and are seriously trying to have real performance time on stage with an audience."
Here's to hoping we see you on a pole or on a stage in the near future! Have a great weekend!
The Hub