Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sunday! Odyssey of IMMODESTY!

All their bags are packed, they're ready to go.

Rogue Burlesque is putting on a show.

They'd hate to wake you up to say--

WAKE UP! Check out Rogue's newest adventure: Odyssey of IMMODESTY

These lovely ladies plan to take you on a journey across the globe (and maybe beyond?) all from the comfort of your cabaret table at Oberon. Can you say "table service"?

The show promises
"Quiz show blood-lust!"
"Yes-we-can-can girls!"
"Hot BOYlesque surprises 
from the men of Sirlesque!"

Want in on this gorgeous madness?

The Rogues will board the stagecraft
Sunday, April 29 at 8PM (doors @7:30)
(Red Line to Harvard Square)

18+. $15 standing. $20 seated.

 Get your tickets in advance* HERE.

Good luck with that.

Don't delay your trip any longer. Get your tickets while they last. You deserve it.
Here's to the semi-naked stay-cation of your dreams! Bon voyage! XO!


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