Mission Statement

The Hubba Hub — Boston’s Burlesque Beat is a voluntary membership organization that aims to foster and support Boston’s community of burlesque dancers and event producers.  We aim to:
      Promote the field of burlesque dance as a legitimate and worthy form of artistic expression
      Inform fans and aficionados of local burlesque events and related activities
      Develop a supportive and collaborative community of dancers and producers
      Follow best business practices and meet standards of business ethics 

Membership Code of Conduct
Members of the Hubba Hub agree they will:
      Positively support each other’s acts, troupes, and ideas when in public forums.
      Fairly price tickets and goods at or above industry standards to ensure we are not undercutting our community.
      Respect and not use others’ unique ideas, themes, costuming, and/or choreography without permission.
      Pay performers and vendors the full, agreed-upon amount if services were rendered in full, within 30 days of being paid by the venue.
      Treat performers, producers, tech staff, volunteers, venue staff, and audience members with respect and dignity.
      Obtain explicit permission to use other groups’ names and/or trademarked property on promotion materials.
      Not engage in acts of sabotage towards other members including, but not limited to:
   taking, stealing, moving, or throwing out event flyers for upcoming events
   writing or soliciting others to write false, misleading, or untruthful reviews of themselves or other members
   buying, purchasing, or trading goods and services for recognition or awards
   entering into exclusive contracts with venues
      Not engage in physical, verbal, or sexual abuse towards anyone nor engage in unwanted physical or sexual contact. Ever.
      Not solicit nor trade sexual favors for money, goods, services or drugs.
      Not use nor solicit donations under false pretenses.
      Not engage in any other unethical acts not listed above. Playground rules apply: no lying, stealing, manipulating, cheating, or otherwise acting unprofessional.

Event Listings
All event and activity listings must be burlesque-related. “Burlesque” is inclusive of drag, cabaret, variety, and vaudeville-themed shows.

To be listed, event producers must submit their event via the web submission form at least one week in advance to be listed on the calendar. Event producers must abide by the Code of Conduct listed above.